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Catalina Island Conservancy

The Catalina Island Conservancy practices land stewardship on eighty-eight percent of Catalina Island through a balance of conservation, education and recreation. Balancing the needs and desires of over one million yearly visitors with the needs of the land proves a considerable task.

Check out the Catalina Island Conservancy for more info on Catalina natural history.

CELP Curriculum Guide

The CELP Curriculum Guide presents an overlay of the progression of a week at CELP.  These themes can be applied to programs throughout the week to provide a fluid week of instruction by connecting aspects of each community to culminate a student’s experience with a greater understanding of our connection to the communities at Howlands Landing and to student’s home communities.

Everything living is part of a community.

  • What defines a community?
  • What communities are you a part of?
  • What do you need from your community?

While every community is unique, each function under the same principles of sustainability.

  • Everything Runs on Energy
  • There is No Waste in Nature
  • Biodiversity is Good
  • Everything is Connected

Every community on earth is connected

  • How are humans connected to the ocean?
  • How do our actions affect the global environment?
  • Actions have far reaching consequences

What is your role in your community?

  • What important lessons can we learn from nature?
  • How can you give back to your community?



Click here for more information on Sustainability.

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