Sustainable Living Bike Tour

The History

In the fall of 2005, ten CELP staff members volunteered two weeks of their time to ride bicycles from LA to Arizona via San Diego visiting schools that attend the CELP program. Thus, the annual outreach bike tour began.

The following bike tours grew in the number of schools visited, the number of volunteer riders, and the number of miles en route. The 2006 and 2007 bike tours took riders south 750 miles from San Francisco to the Mexican border. The riders stopped at CELP schools, universities, farmer’s markets, and other events to share the significance of the bike tour.

The Significance

The sustainability of a bicycle tour draws attention to the impact each individual has on our planet. We focus on educating people about the power their decisions and actions can have in their communities.

The tour also allows us to expand students’ connection with CELP beyond their visit to the island. CELP staff members have the opportunity to see the students’ home communities and help start school projects such as gardens and compost areas. We integrate the information that we bring back about schools from the bike tour into our preparation for the schools’ next visit to the island.

Want to Learn More?

The Sustainable Living Bike Tour has a Blog. Check it out to read more about this epic journey.

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