Evening Programs

Life in the Dark: Night Hike

Hiking at night is a unique sensory experience. By leaving their flashlights behind, students optimize their night vision and heighten their sense of awareness. Experience nightfall as it descends upon the island. Draw in the cool night air. Reflect, take in the sounds and smells, and learn how the Catalina Island fox and other nocturnal creatures have adapted to life in the dark.

Night Sky

At Howlands Landing, you don’t need to go far to find a clear, dark space optimal for viewing the night sky. Groups take a short walk to the back of camp where they lay out under the stars and broaden their understanding of outer space.  In addition to learning about planets, constellations, and galaxies, students see how discoveries in astronomy have helped shape our culture and the cultures of past civilizations.

Pimuvit Life Campfire

Through a sequence of interactive skits, songs and stories, the Pimuvit Life campfire teaches students about the native islanders that inhabited Catalina years ago.

Check out the History page for additional information.

Topics covered during program.

What do we know of the Pimuvit culture?

How did they sustain themselves?

Where are they now?

What legacies have they left behind?

Connecting the past, present and future, instructors place an emphasis on the ecological and cultural connections between the Pimuvits, the island flora and fauna, early European explores and settlers, and the student’s lives.

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