Students are separated into Canyon Camp and Beach Camp, each located in different areas of camp. Cabins house up to twelve guests, and are equipped with canvas windows and doors to allow in natural light and provide a rustic atmosphere. Each cabin has six bunk beds, a single electrical outlet, an overhead light, and a broom. Chaperones can either sleep in the cabins with students or in nearby cabins, depending on the wishes of the school.

Restroom Facilities

Separate shower and restroom facilities are located within boy’s and girl’s camp. Restrooms are equipped with flushing toilets, sinks, and individual shower stalls. Our low-flow shower-heads deliver hot water in less volume than conventional shower-heads, without a loss of pressure. The showers feature pull chain or push button operation so they cannot be left running. Guests and staff alike abide by our one shower per day rule to further reduce our water usage.

Our staff keep all housing facilities clean and in good repair.

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