Mid-Century Modern

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Nature provides the best classroom, and we’re always looking for creative ways to build inspiring seating areas in the shade.

A long time ago, in a land far away from the office, while clearing some shrubs in order to construct the bigger and better garden fence, we discovered a Catalina Island Cherry tree and a Toyon tree happily growing in a sunken circle. The form of the existing landscape reminded us of a mid-century modern sunken living room.


We dug the sunken circle out a little more and let the area rest while we dreamed up possibilities for the new space.

Meanwhile, a team of tree trimmers came to Howlands to remove some invasive Eucalyptus trees, leaving us with heaps of free lumber. This gave us an idea! We could use the logs in the Sunken Living room because, hey– if nature recycles everything, why shouldn’t we?

One of the big Eucalyptus trees partially cut down.

An inspirational drawing done by our resident Landscape Architect Claire Grist.

The living room before with Liz giving the log rollers a pep talk!

Claire celebrating a success!

Three hard working ladies Venisha, Liz and Amber enjoying the new space!

A big thanks to our hard working volunteers for flexing those muscles and rolling heavy stumps up hills.


We have many more projects in the works as we finish out our short and sweet volunteer season. The sun is shining, some of the green grass is still hanging on, and there are flowers blooming everywhere. Life is good out on our beautiful island!

Claire Bear signing out.









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