Cheers to the 2014 Volunteers

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Spring at CELP welcomes a special type of guest to our beautiful cove: university volunteers. They come for an alternative Spring Break experience that involves learning about our unique island ecology and critters as well as performing around 15 hours of community service projects and ecological restoration here at Howlands Landing.

We’d like to thank our 2014 Volunteer Groups for all the energy and sweat they put into our service program this season:

James Madison University

Harvesting soil from the compost trench

Staining the new garden fence

Landscaping new garden spaces


Colorado State University

Creating a new garden trail

Showing some love to the native plants

Unearthing garden artifacts

Des Moines Area Community College 

Transplanting some hearty native flora

Snack time for the masons

Hard at work designing the new garden trail

UC San Diego, CSU San Bernardino and UC Irvine

Transplanting a Laurel Sumac, also known as the “taco tree”

Breaking ground for new garden beds

Building muscles and teamwork moving Eucalyptus logs

The Crew


Weeding the volleyball court


Ready for action! (Notice the bison wallow on the left)


Unstained fence


This lovely new stain will add longevity to the fence


Trail maintenance


The Trans-Howlands Landing Trail continues

Thanks to all of our volunteers for the good times, the positive memories and all the amazing legacies you’ve left behind!

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