Spring Flowers

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Changes at CELP

The spring season is well on its way and already there are many new and exciting
things taking place here at CELP from the landscape, to back in the garden, and even
to the residents of Howland’s Landing.
The winter rains are still providing the landscape with lush greens and springing
up new native wildflowers. Catalina is home to more than 400 native plants, and
200 non-native plants. Here are a few of the native wildflowers you can see in and
around our cove.

Wild Hyacinth or blue dicks are a member of the Lily family and have speckled their
purple flower all over the island on the dry, rocky slopes and can usually be found
near the costal safe shrubs and cactus clumps.

The bush sunflowers with their small but bright yellow flowers are brightening up
the rocky canyon slopes and sea bluffs.

The Indian paintbrush is painting the dry, rocky slopes of the island red with the
deep reds of their flowers.

In our garden we have been enjoying the remainder of our winter harvest of leafy
green vegetables like arugula, kale, tatsoi, broccoli, and Swiss chard. We have
planted and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our tomatoes, potatoes, cilantro, basil
and garlic.

The garden space is in an exciting transition period and thanks to our volunteer
groups we have been able to make some alterations and expansions in our garden
and compost area of camp. We are in the process of building a new compost system
that will be above the ground instead of the in the ground trench system that we
have now. The volunteers also helped plant around 50 individual native plants
around our cove. The native species included elderberry trees, Catalina cherry trees,
lemonade berry, costal sage brush, aloe Vera, Manzanita, lupine, and malva rosa.

Along with changes in our landscape and garden we have a lot of new faces on staff
at CELP this season. The diversity of people on staff here creates a community that
can emulate the biodiversity of our cove. Biodiversity is good!

Here are some great photos by our staff member Allison.

Bush Sunflower

Indian Paintbrush

Wild Hyacinth



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