Spring 2013 brings amazing snorkeling

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The spring season is well on its way, and it has already proven to be an amazing season for seeing wild life in all the ecosystems of Catalina Island.  The hills are still bright green from the winter rains with wildflowers sprouting up all along the trails. The ocean in particular has been almost magical with many pelagic species washing in from the spring currents, storms, and tides. Some of these species such as the Ribbon Fish are rarely seen anywhere in the world while others like the “Sea Butterfly” or Pteropod , a type of swimming gastropod, resemble aliens from another planet.  We’ve found tiny flat fish that are transparent to camouflage in the open ocean, chains of salps reaching several feet long, lobsters hanging out with abalone, and brilliant/bizarre Comb Jellies. Our resident Leopard sharks have been seen napping in the kelp forests after long afternoons of hunting for worms in the sand.  Who knows what we might find on our next snorkel.

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