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A big hello from all your friends at CELP,

We hope you enjoyed your weekend and Earth Day last Sunday. We would love to hear what you got up to. Well here at Howlands we try and make everyday Earth Day because we think it’s that special and we encourage you to do the same. Here are some people who think outside the box to come up with some cleaver ways to help save our Earth one bit at a time.

Bio Gas

Europe’s largest applied research centre Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology IGB got the idea that the compost pile and worm bin are no longer the only appropriate resting places for peach pits, banana peels, and apple cores.  They are turning old produce into bio-gas at a pilot site in Stuttgart, Germany. Conveniently located next to the city’s wholesale vegetable market, the facility will use microorganisms to transform food scraps into methane gas, which can power a car once compressed and emits less carbon dioxide during combustion than gasoline.

Cars that run on vegetables! Even better than the Dalorian in ‘Back to the Future’.

One of the reasons we love our Earth is that it’s contains some really smart organisms and if we look to them for inspiration we could really help ourselves.

The artificial leaf that could power your home.

Call it faux-tosynthesis. An MIT research team lead by Daniel Nocera revealed an “artificial leaf” that uses the sun’s rays to produce energy. Developing an energy source modeled on photosynthesis like this has long been a goal of energy science.

Their new leaf utilizes relatively abundant and inexpensive materials—nickel and cobalt—for its catalysts. The leaf itself is described as about the size of a playing card, and in laboratory conditions, it’s proven to generate power continuously for 45 hours without a drop in performance. In theory, with one such leaf and a gallon of water, a typical house could be powered for a day.

Keep loving your planet Earth and happy every day Earth Day to everyone.

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